Want to increase your profitability in scrap selling in your industry?

Increase your revenue stream with peace of mind leaving Faciles to select and negotiate suppliers for sale of its scrap.

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How it works?

In all stages of the process, they are accompanied by trained professionals, with expertise in the scrap market, through the sourcing method, understand how the whole process works:

Market Quotation

Selecionamos os melhores compradores, além de fazer a análise e cotação de mercado.

Accreditation and Evaluation

Após a primeira fase, só trabalhamos com os compradores certificados.

Electronic Trading

A negociação é feita de forma eletrônica com total transparência e segurança.

Faciles is the right choice for your company

  • We are consolidated
    in the market

  • We have a team of qualified professionals who
    take care of everything for you.

  • We selected the best suppliers

  • We do analysis of all material

  • Transparency in transactions that are all electronic

  • Negotiations through the sourcing method

  • Proven results from our clients and partners.

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Do you want good business collateral with proven results?

Faciles takes care of all the negotiation process for the sale of your scrap, allowing you to earn money while continuing to carry out your most urgent tasks. Everything is done with 100% transparency and security. And the deal is only closed if it is more profitable for you than your current option. Our platform counts on dozens of electronic negotiations, more than 400 active buyers and more than R $ 60 million already transacted! This allowed an average increase of 35% for our customers. Only Faciles provides a complete scrap trading service. You will not find such practicality, speed, security, confidence, and proven positive results elsewhere. And the best: without paying anything for this, because the remuneration of Faciles is paid by the selected buyers.

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Faciles has Perfect solution for:

Companies that want to make sustainable business

Companies that want more profitability
selling their scraps

Companies that want tranquility
in all the processes of selling scraps