How It Works

To start the process, it is necessary that you register on the website for our consultants to contact us. Home
They can answer all your questions.


The first step is to collect information on the scrap to be sold, the period's trading conditions, environmental and operational issues, as well as the necessary documents and market analysis, in order to identify the best and most qualified buyers.


All this Faciles does: we will go to your company and photograph your scrap and operation, setting up an RFI / RFP so that potential buyers can get to know your company better, the type of scrap offered and the amount generated in the 12 month period. This information is critical so they can understand your operation, generation and make the process more attractive to the market.


After that, our consultants will conduct studies to understand the feasibility of the project. In this step, Faciles will recommend or not the continuity of the process. If the opportunity to increase the current sale value of your scrap is verified, we will start negotiating strategies so that everything is transparent, secure and in the way that is best for your company.


Buyers chosen to participate in the negotiation are carefully evaluated by our consultants, who verify their environmental policy and compliance.

We work for the sale to b
e totally advantageous to you!

Once strategies and qualified buyers are established, we find out how best to negotiate scrap. There are several modes of negotiation and one of them is electronics. It occurs through our digital platform, which allows privacy and security to all involved in the buying and selling processes.

It's always the customer who has the final decision , that is, Faciles presents the best proposals, but it's up to you who decides the best buyer for your scrap.

This means that Faciles takes care of everything up to that point, so you do not worry about mobilizing staff for this task. Everything is done by Faciles, but the final decision is yours!

An important point that needs to be made clear is the advantage of not having to spend. Yes, you are not responsible for the cost of our services.

Our business model charges an administrative fee of 5% on the final value negotiated, but who pays this payment is the buyer and not the seller.

Faciles has Perfect solution for:

Companies that want to make sustainable business

Companies that want more profitability
selling their scraps

Companies that want tranquility
in all the processes of selling scraps