Frequent Questions

Faciles is committed to the confidentiality of the information related to the price, the types of material, the places of withdrawal, the units of measurement, the commercial, logistic and operational conditions.
None of this information will be disclosed to third parties or used for other purposes after the conclusion of the negotiations without the prior authorization of the client.

The negotiation process is mostly done online. The initial quotation, through the analysis of documents to the electronic negotiations (auctions) are made by Faciles through our online platform.
However, it is possible that visitors may visit the place where the scrap is stored. All this depends on the situation in which the negotiation is.

In addition to profitability, sustainability is a very important factor for Faciles. The current market places a high value on who is up to date with environmental issues and this is a differential that puts you above the competition.
Faciles only admits buyers who have a policy focused on the environment and sustainable practices.
That way, by selling your scrap through negotiations conducted by Faciles, you, in addition to promoting a healthier and more functional environment for your company, can also be unconcerned about the use of it.

Because, in addition to having a large list of buyers (which provides the best prices), Faciles does not charge anything from the seller. All the service is done by our company, in a complete, effective, safe, agile and transparent way. That means you do not waste time, you do not need to have specialized staff or knowledge in the area.

We do not charge anything from our customers. The remuneration comes from the winning buyer (s) of the process. We emphasize that in the sourcing process – pre-quote phase – if Faciles does not identify the possibility of increasing current prices, it will not continue the process, and our customer will be sure that his current contract is favorable.

Yes, Faciles meets the need for any company that generates scrap (small, medium or large).

Ferrous scrap: carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc plated steel, chrome steel, manganese steel, cast iron, mixed scrap, etc.
Non-ferrous scrap: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, brass, bronze and etc.
Shavings: paper and cardboard.
Plastics: PC, PP, ABS, derivatives.

The process can be carried out in both situations, however, which we emphasize is the sale of continuous generation of scrap (average projection of one year of generation – future sale).

For a low complexity project (up to three plants), the average time is 35 days. For a more complex project (more than three plants), the average time is 51 days. The project contemplates all the sourcing and electronic trading phases.

The client participates as generator of the initial information, after this phase it becomes only approver / validator of all the content generated by Faciles.

A Faciles é uma company that assists not process of purchase and sale of sucatas, from a material analysis to a final negotiation.

For a project of baixa complexidade (até three plants), or medium time of 35 days e for the purpose of greater complexity (more than three plants), or medium tempo of 51 days.
Or projeto contemplates the entire sourcing phase of electronic negotiation

Faciles is a specialized company focused on the sale of scrap, we have professionals with expertise in the business and we give all the necessary advice for our clients, from the identification of the materials to the final stage of negotiation.
In addition, we have a register of more than 350 purchasing companies in Brazil (mills, scrap yards and companies), we absorb all workload of our customers and the final negotiation is carried out through an electronic negotiation process (auction), bringing all transparency needed for the negotiation and attending the companies’ compliance.