Faciles is a technology company focused on buying and selling consultative processes. It has been active in this market since 2016 and aims to leverage negotiations to maximize the profitability of its business and promote business sustainability.

We work focused on negotiating for you

Ferrous Scrap

(carbon steel, cast iron, mixed scrap)

Non-Ferrous Scrap

(aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, brass, bronze)


paper and cardboard

Plastic Products

(PP, PC, PS, PEAD, PEBD, ABS, derivatives)

Our story

The company emerged from its founders' perception that companies could dispose of their scrap in a way that was not only sustainable, but which generated them an excellent increase. Thus they would improve their revenues and would not generate any environmental impact or risk to reach this goal.

On the other hand, executives lack time to consider good options for doing so. So Faciles works for you: through the sourcing method and with an electronic trading platform, you only have to accept the challenge: to sell your scrap for more than you sell today.

Our team is formed by professionals with expertise in this market, who closely follow all the procedures so you do not have to worry about.

Want a better solution? Faciles does all the heavy and bureaucratic work while you take care of your core tasks. In addition to the sourcing process, you will have administrative and operational consulting, also counting on an electronic trading platform.

Do you think Faciles chooses a buyer for its scrap? No, that's your decision! All of Faciles's operations are 100% transparent, as we believe that honesty and integrity are fundamental factors for any negotiation.

Our solutions are modern, innovative and creative, delivering efficient and fast results. Are you interested? Talk to a consultant!

Partners who trust our work

Faciles has Perfect solution for:

Companies that want to make sustainable business

Companies that want more profitability
selling their scraps

Companies that want tranquility
in all the processes of selling scraps